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Morocco Roadtrip

The Morocco Roadtrip started, not too far, away in Lisbon. Me and three friends of mine catch a plain towards Tangier the starting point of our trip. We have rented a SUV in Tangier airport and we started the road trip right away.

Chefchaouen – The Blue  City

After a morning on the road, we arrived to our first destination: Chefchaouen the blues city. The Chefchaouen medina is small and cosy, you literally can lost yourself into the blue. The city has the marroquine spirit, everyone is kind and try to sell you a little bit of everything.

We stay at: Hotel Parador 

Try marroquin cuisine at: Casa Aladin


Madrasa al attarin

Blessing our Duster that kept us moving even in the more helpless roads we arrived at Fez. Fez has a huge medina, is impossible for a foreigner to not get lost inside therefore we contracted a local guide to come with us in the discover of this world heritage medina.

We have crossed the maze that is the medina, tried out argan comestics, visited the madrassa, the royal palace, the pottery factory and the smelly leather tanneries. Our guide was a good story teller entertaining us with fun and facts about the city. In our

Stay at: Riad Ibn Battouta & Spa

on the way to Merzouga

Riad view to sahara

It was a long road to Merzouga crossing the Middle Atlas Mountain passing through Infrane (considered the switzerland from Africa), we stopped in the Cèdre Gouraud Forest to see the cèdre gouraud and the friendly monkeys in the park.

As we got close the desert, the mountains turned into extenze plains and after few stops to admire the oasis we arrived to our Riad with view to the sahara desert.

In Merzouga we have spent our time relaxing in the pool and watching the stunning sahara. We also went in an organized dromedary ride into the desert to see the sunrise, guided by two berbers nomads.

Sunrise in Sahara

Stay at: Kanz Erremal


Atlas Film Studios

Ouarzazate is known by the cinematic history. We just spent one day in the city but was enough to see the Atlas film Studio the largest film studio in the world. That was the shooting location for Alexander the Great, The Mummy (1999), Star Wars (1977), The Living Daylights (1987), Martin Scorsese’s Kundun (1997), and many others.

Keeping the interest in cinematic history we visited Aït Benhaddou the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, scenario of Game of the Thrones.

Ait benhaddou

On the road to the final destination we passed by the palm groves through the Dades Valley between the Atlas Mountains and Anti-Atlas mountain range.

Gorges du Dandes

Stay at: Hotel La Perle du Sud in Ouarzazate

Try marroquin cuisine at: Restaurant Douyria in Ouarzazate



The final destination of the morocco roadtrip was Marrakesh, this city is the most ocidental city we have visited. In it we got lost in the souks (marroquine bazaars) and we learned how to trade as a local. We have bought all sort of items as pottery, spices and cosmetics with the enthusiasm of a kid.

Stay at: Riad Terra Bahia

Drinks at: Kechmara

Tips and tricks

Things to have in consideration when renting a Car in Morocco:
– If you are going to the desert rent a SUV, the roads are not bad specially the nationals (N3, N12..) but if you want to venture on other roads it might get more complex also for long distances is way more confortable
– It is possible to rent a car in an airport and leave it in another
– Fuel is cheap

The locals:
– The locals are from different ethnic groups, however all of this groups have in common a strong trading history. Therefore when a local come to you in any moment he will try to sell you something, is in their blood. We had a lot of funny stories with this trading relations and is a awesome part of the trip so don’t feel obligated to buy something you don’t want to buy and first of all don’t feel afraid of this type of interaction.

– Dress what you want no one will give strange looks.