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First Asian Destination – Thailand

For a long time i wanted to visit asia and finally i had the opportunity. The choice for first destination was Thailand, mostly because is the cheapest and easy way to travel to (from Portugal).

What you need to know before you go:

  • You need valid passport, VISA is not required for most of the countries, but make sure your is on the list.
  • Vacination for yellow fever is not mandatory but it is advisable. I strongly recomend you to visit a doctor before your trip in order to get medicines or vacines if needed. Your route and the kind of trip has great influence on the vacines and medicines you might need, so provide this details to the doctor.
    For Portuguese citizens you can schedule and be consulted online by using the following link: http://www.consultadoviajante.com. If you prefer to have a presential consultation be aware that only in few cities you have this kind of assistance as well as the only in few medical services the vacinations can be admisnistrated.
  • Might be a good idea to subscribe a travel insurance, you can use the following link to get quotation and know how much an insurance will cost you www2.worldnomads.com.
  • Be aware of the caotic traffic.
  • Uber is ilegal so just take the regular taxis instead.
  • Last but not least: BARGAIN, BARGAIN, BARGAIN!!!!!

Bangkok – 2 days itinerary

infinity pool

Bangkok is a huge cosmopolitan city where in every corner you can meet the intersection of the modern and the ancient. During our stay we had the opportunity of enjoy our hotel roftop pool and bar as well as visit the magnificient grand palace and buddha emerald complex, the price to visit both complexes is more or less 13 euros and totally worth it!!!!
We also tried out different transports as tuktuk and taxi boat. In what concern to tuktuk ride, BARGAIN THE PRICE BEFORE you take it otherwise you will pay more than you should. Regarding boat ride on the Chao Praya River, I must be honest was a bit desapointing we paid almost 30 euros for a guided tour and we actually do not get any explanation, morevor the river is really poluted. The interesting part is that you actually can see the least visited parts of the city and the way people live. You can catch the boat in several station, we did it in Sathorn Pier.

Khaosan Road
Finally you cannot miss ‘the centre of backpacking universe’, Khaosan Road this short street in central Bangkok will present you to numerous shops, souvenir street stalls, restaurants serving Thai or Western food, clubs and travel agents. We went there by daytime so the experience was innocent but we heard that is way more funny by night.

Where to stay: Amara Hotel (average price of 100 euros night for two persons)

Phi Phi Call – 3 days itinerary

Boats, Phi PhiThailand is quite a big country, so to go from Bangkok to PhiPhi we took a internal flight (average price of 50 euros per person). When in Phuket airport we bought the ferry tickets from Phuket to PhiPhi (average price of 13 euros per person including return ticket) and after half day travelling we get to the paradise !!!
Phi Phi island is amazing, the efforts made to keep the water clean is making its efects and once you get there you can enjoy the beach, the restaurants in the “village” and who knows ?! A massage with sea view.

We have also bought a day trip to see other islands as the Bamboo island (MY FAVOURITE ONE), Monkey island and Maya Bay. The tour include snorkeling material and boat rides between the different spots and it cost around 15 euros per person.

Where to stay: Mama Beach Residence (average price of 75 euros night for two persons)

Tracking Portuguese influence in Phuket – 2 days itinerary


The last spot we visited in Thailand was Phuket when comparing with Bangkok, Phuket is just a narrow city but it has its own charms. First of all you can track the Portuguese influence, yeap we have been there and left our mark :), the builds have the trace of the colonial portuguese architecture and they are really pretty and colorfull.
The city is also know from the street art, and its a authentic gallery. When walking around you will see several of this paintings one of them painted along a wall of Dibuk Road in memory of King Bhumibol death.

King Bhumibol Graffiti
Near our hotel there was a giant night market, the Chalong Night Market, is worth to go if you want to shop or even if you want to try street food. Around the market there are several restaurants too.
To finish one recomendation about Phuket:
If you plan beach holidays stay in Phuket town is not a good idea because it takes you at least one hour to get to the nearest beach.

Where to stay: Little Nyonya Hotel (average price of 45 euros night for two persons)